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The Mediterranean Society of Otology and Audiology

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Since 1987 a lot of meetings, symposiums, and congress were organized by the members of MSOA. All meetings were listed in chronological order.


Upcoming Meetings


We believe that MSOA is a precious example of scientific collaboration and friendship between scientists from different countries and cultures situated around the Mediterranean sea. The sea in the middle of our society unites us together and creates a unique opportunity for young colleagues to know each other



The coming meetings followed each other for two consecutive years. Leonidas Manolidis and Aziz Belal chaired these meetings during the years 1988 and 1989.
It was during the “Extraordinary Meeting on Otitis Media” in Denmark and I was getting prepared for the “22. Politzer Society Meeting” at that time. Jacques Magnan asked me to talk about joining MSOA meeting with Politzer Society. This was a good opportunity for recalling the minds again to MSOA after 8 years. So a Symposium on “Vestibular disorders and their treatment” has been put into the program and Jacques was the Co-Chairman of the Meeting. Antonio Quaranta was the President of MSOA at that moment.
Following this meeting, another symposium was held during the 6th Cholesteatoma Meeting in Cannes. “Hearing aids versus surgery” was the topic. A business meeting was also performed during this instance and Francisco Antoli Candela was elected as the President of the Society.....

by O.Nuri Özgirgin


Hatay sokak No :4/8 Kızılay - Ankara, Turkey


MSOA registered in Turkey as

"Akdeniz ülkeleri Otoloji Odyoloji Derneği"


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