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There are three kinds of Members:

  1. Active Member: Any M.D. physician and Ph.D. scientist related with otology, neurotology, and audiology, who maintains a professional interest in, and has made a recognized professional contribution to the purpose of the society with at least three years of experience after having completed the residency are eligible for active membership. In addition, candidates without these degrees but with other extraordinary professional qualifications may be eligible.

  2. Corresponding member: Any individual qualifying for active membership foreign to the Mediterranean Countries

  3. Honorary Member: Any member or non-member of the Society who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, has made a significant contribution to the purpose(s) of the Society.



  1. Candidates to active members have to be presented by an active member. The application form should include a current curriculum vita signed by the proposing active member. Letters of recommendation are not required.

  2. The President, vice-president, and Secretary of the Society will form the Membership Committee. The purpose of the Membership Committee is to ensure that applications are suitable for presentation to the Executive Committee.

  3. Active and Corresponding Members are required to pay dues. The number of dues will be determined by the Executive Committee.


Please send your cv with the name of the active member who presents you to the committee to

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